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Text of Grant Notification from the
Northern California DX Foundation

Date: Sun 3/29/2015 4:00 PM

From Glenn W6OTC

To: Robert Schmieder

Dear Bob,

I am pleased to inform you that the Northern California DX Foundation has APPROVED a grant of US$ 50,000 toward your planned Heard Island DXpedition pursuant to the terms in the NCDXF grant application, to which you have already agreed, and conditioned upon your execution of an agreement with Heritage Expeditions for the charter of the vessel Akademik Sholkalskiy for your transportation to and from Heard Island, and your payment to Heritage Expeditions of any initial deposit required by that agreement. Please forward to me a copy of the executed agreement and proof of payment to (or a receipt from) Heritage Expeditions. Thereafter, please advise Don, N1DG, when, how and to whom you want the funds to be sent. We can send the funds either using PayPal or by wire transfer to a bank account.

We remind you that the DXpedition should prominently display the NCDXF logo on your web site and QSL card, and should insert the Foundation "stuffers" in the return envelope for direct QSLs.

Please advise the number of "stuffers" required, and to whom they should be mailed, and I will coordinate the shipping. We will also provide NCDXF T-shirts and a banner for your use in photos at the DXpedition site. I understand that you will provide this information later this year.

Regarding the shirts, your group may choose between the original navy NCDXF T-shirt and the new tropical white long-sleeve shirt. You can see both by going to the NCDXF website and clicking on “NCDXF Store” on the left-hand side of the home page. We cannot mix and match, so the shirts must be all navy or all white. Finally, we would normally put the call sign of the DXpedition above the NCDXF logo and the country below the logo. We can do this however you want, so please let me know.

When your DXpedition is complete, please provide a written article for our newsletter within 90 days. In addition, please mail to me two sample QSL cards for us to scan for use on our web site and for display at various conventions. If you produce a video from the DXpedition, we request three copies for our lending library.

Please remember, per our agreement, that your DXpedition logs must be uploaded to LOTW within 12 months after the DXpedition operation has ended.

All requested items should be mailed directly to me at 3701 Sacramento Street, #362, San Francisco, CA 94118. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Pursuant to the request in the application, the plans for the DXpedition and this grant shall be kept confidential until such time as you publicly disclose your plans.

Best wishes for a safe and successful DXpedition. See you in the pileups!


Glenn, W6OTC

NCDXF Director