Local California team
Jack Burris K6JEB

Website: www.k6jeb.com

Twitter: @K6JEB

My previous callsigns:

  • KA2SGD 1983-1987
  • KEØMZ 1987
  • DA2UI 1988-1991 Bamberg, Germany
  • NZØC 1987-2004

I was first licensed in 1983 at the age of 14. My Elmer was Harry, WA2DHD (later ND2P, then after some inactivity he is now KC2THV). My wife Kyle is a ham: KI6FYW.

I'm a member of these fine organizations:

  • Northern California Contest Club
  • Northern Californa QRP
  • East Bay Amateur Radio Club
  • Contra Costa Communications Club
  • AMSAT Life Member of theARRL
  • Bavarian Contest Club

I really enjoy CW but also you will find me on the bands hunting DX, contesting, using digital modes, satellites, and running meteor scatter. I love to explore all aspects of ham radio and so I count myself as a QRPer (I've built the ATS-3B) as well as avid antenna builder and ham software guru.

  • FISTS#:11982
  • SKCC#:6009
  • 10-10#:74497
  • 30MDG#:2953
  • DMC#:542
  • PODXS070#:1048
  • FELDHELL#:550
  • 3905#:1463
  • OMISS#:2325