Radio operator
Wayne Johnson VK6EH
Northern Corridor Radio Group

We live in a small block subdivision in the northern part of Perth, local council by-laws prohibit anything larger. The mast is a 9 metre crank-up system which does not require guy (Stay) wires, antennas is a 3 element tribander by TET Emtron manufactured locally in Western Australia, I am able to raise the antenna when required and when lowered fits snuggly on the roof of my home, so far neighbours have accepted without any comments.

The shack, radio is an Icom IC7800, home made linear amplifier. VHF and UHF are catered for by an Icom IC910H, microphone and Headset are by Heil (PR780) and Proset Elite.

The antenna rotator is a Kenpro KR400 bolted directly to the plate at mast top, the antenna is attached to the rotator via a tilting bracket that allows for the antenna to lay on the roof slope when the mast is retracted. There is also a 40m inverted "V"wire dipole attached at the mast top which cant be seen in this shot.

My H/Brew amplifier uses two GI7BT Russian triodes in a grounded grid configuration, circuit is quite conventional with input tuning and a vacume variable plate tuning capacitor and toroidal high tension power transformer.