Local (Cape Town) Team
Paul Johnson ZS1S
South Africa

I was bitten by the amateur radio bug in 1964, began as a SWL. I was too young to get a licence then, so I was first licenced as ZS1BR.

I was chairman of our local club, then a member of the Council of our national society, SARL. I chased DX, did microwave experiments on 10GHz, and raised a family.

My XYL is ZR1GW, eldest son ZS1IF.

I spent my working life in telecoms and data communications. I'm not retired, and still chase DX, am fascinated by remote places, and sail small dinghies.

Last year a plan came to fruition, a DXpedition to Tristan da Cunha, where I operated as ZD9ZS. I was very pleased to give so many ops a new one!