Bill Hein AA7XT

AA7XT with KK6EK at Dayton, 2014. Text below from

Hello! My detailed ham bio is below - here is the synopsis. I am an active DXer and Contester on all bands 160m through 23cm and will soon be active EME on 6m, 2m and 70cm. I am happy to accept skeds for MS on 6m and up, just shoot me an email or look for me on the Region 2 50-MHz Chat. I QSL 100% via LoTW, usually the same day as the QSO.

I am a partner in InnovAntennas, a designer and manufacturer of the world's highest performing antennas and distributor of carefully selected accessories including Spid (Alfa Spid) rotators, 4O3A Signature Line filters and station automation, high performance cable and more. Check us out at

The pictures here are of a 5-element InnovAntennas LFA Yagi for 10m and a 8-element model for 6m - both have outstanding pattern (highly suppressed sidelobes in all dimensions) and excellent gain. Also pictured are my vintage Signal/One CX7B and Harris RF-350K transcievers.

I was born in Nebraska in 1955. In the late '60s I was an avid SWL living in Southern California with the Popular Electronics "call" WPE6HON, avidly collecting QSL cards from shortwave and medium wave broadcasters. My RX in those days was a Hammarlund HQ-180C which I wish I still had! I was first licensed in 1970 as WN6NDC and later upgraded to WB6NDC. My rig was a Heathkit HW-101 novice transceiver fed to a low 40m dipole. I went off the air when I entered college in 1973 with the intention to get back into ham radio someday with "a real station."

Finally, in 1989, having purchased a home on a ridgeline in the Santa Monica mountains in Malibu CA, I got back on the air with the call KC6EDP and a five tower station. I picked a good time to come back to the hobby--cycle 22 was in full swing and I was active chasing DX and contesting from 160m thru VHF. I soon upgraded and received the call AA6TT.

In 1991, my wife and I purchased a ranch in the Four Corners area of Colorado where I put together a M/M contest station (I still have the CQWW zero division record for M/M Phone and the ARRL DX zero division record for M/2 Phone, thanks to the excellent ops who joined my contest teams). We lived in Colorado until 1996 when my work situation required me to move back to Los Angeles. The ranch and antennas were sold and the towers mothballed. Busy with my job, I was almost entirely off the air again from 1996 thru 2001 (missing the Heard Island DXpedition, among other things).

In 2001, we moved to Vermont and I started rebuilding my station, this time with an emphasis on SO2R contesting (M/M is too much work!). I was lucky be QRV again in time to catch some fantastic 6m DX at cycle 23's 2nd peak and start filling in band-countries for the ARRL DXCC Challenge/De Soto Cup competition (as of Oct 2003, I had worked 2,798 current band-countries between 160m & 6m including 60m). Around this time I changed my call from AA6TT to NT1Y and I was QRV from 160m thru 23cm, my favorite bands being the "Magic" and "Top" bands. I operate primarily CW. The best contest result from the Vermont QTH was 1st place USA in the 2003 CQ WW CW SOHP category by Scott W4PA guest-operating and me watching!

In November 2011, my family and I moved to Glade Park, Colorado, near Grand Junction in far western part of the state, not far from the Utah border. I recently changed my call to AA7XT. My current station includes an Elecraft K3, Kuhne transverters, Yaesu FT-847, plus Dishtronix, Beko and Lunar-Link amps. My antennas of course are all from InnovAntennas! I have a Flex 6700 on order and am looking forward to putting the world's first "Cray transciever" on the air. I have a selection of vintage receivers and transcievers which get exercised from time to time.

Aside from ham radio, I am an avid triathlete (I have finished three Ironman races) and cycling enthusiast. I am married with one daughter.

I reply to all QSL card requests 100%, direct or via the buro. Also, I have uploaded most of my 100,000+ WN6NDC, KC6EDP, AA6TT, NT1Y and AA7XT QSOs to the LOTW and have started doing same to eQSL. I have not yet uploaded a handful of contest logs due to corrupted computer files. I respond to QSL requests via the Buro (to AA7XT or my previous calls) or direct to my address above.

Please check out my blog at