Radio operator
Hans-Peter Blättler, HB9BXE

Hans-Peter HB9BXE is 65 years old and married to Maya. They have a daughter, Gabrila and son, Philipp. Hans-Peter is a development engineer and works for a company that manufactures electronic components. In fact, most of his amateur radio equipment is homebrew.

Licensed in 1978, he enjoys DXing and Contesting mostly on CW. He is a lifetime member in the Swiss DX Foundation (SDXF), member of USKA, HTC, and he is on DXCC Honor Roll.

Hans-Peter operated as HBØBXE, VK4BXE, 5H1BP/AFØ32, XV4B was a member of the 1998 3B7RF, P29VPB/OC-069 (1998) and 3YØX (2006) Expedition, as well as the team leader for the 3B6RF (2001) and the 3W6C (2010) Expedition.

In 2004 he was QRV from top of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, 5895 m above sea level. Probably this is the first successful DXpedition from Africa's highest mountain.