Rich Holochm KY6R
Software engineer

I have been a ham since 1973 (WN2QHN), went inactive from 1977 - 2001, and became active again (this time as a DX-er) in July, 2001. I made DXCC Honor Roll in 11 1/2 years, between the peaks of sunspot cycle 23 and 24. All antennas were home brewed and - with the help of Dean, N6BV, used HFTA and figured out how to get out of my "bowl" QTH in Orinda to make Honor Roll. Most power was 200 watts or less - sometimes extending to 500 watts. My ham story chronicled here:

I graduated from University of Pennsylvania, Lock Haven in 1981, and have had a very exciting career in the database world - as Oracle employe #127, and other details chronicled here: