High-altitude explorer
Gavin Marshall

Born in Nelson New Zealand I re-ignited my interest in the outdoors approx. 15 years ago trekking in the Tararua Ranges north of Wellington, New Zealand.  And from that simple beginning I’ve been pursuing outdoor adventure opportunities when and wherever I can.

Several years as a volunteer in the Wellington Search and Rescue organisation, a period as the National SAR Treasurer and also time training a wilderness search dog ensured I maximised my time in the outdoors.

In January 2009 I moved to Sydney with my wife and son where I renewed my involvement with the local Search and Rescue organisation.  I’m currently a member of the NSW Bush Walkers Rescue Squad and Vertical Rescue team.

In 2011 two close friends and I attempted an independent climb of Mt McKinley in Alaska.  After a week of holding out in camp 3 for weather on the summit to clear we were forced to descend.  I’m not someone to take defeat easily and that descent became the trigger for me to set a personal goal of climbing the 7 summits.  To date I’ve reached the summit of –

  • Mt Kosciusko, Australia  (2,228m)
  • Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa  (6,895m)
  • Mt Aconcagua, South America (6,982m)
  • Mt Elbrus, Europe (5,642m) 

In May 2014 I made a return to Mt McKinley.  Once again I was knocked back by the weather.  I reached high camp at 17,200 feet before once again being forced to descend.

2014 has been a busy year for me, 10 months off work to travel and continue chasing my 7 summits goal along with a period of volunteer work in Kampala, Uganda.

I’m now back in Sydney, using my skills as an Accountant and Project Manager to install ERP business solutions.  As fate would have it I have secured a role on a project based in Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea.  I’m sure there’s an adventure to be had somewhere in the mountains of PNG!

I hold amateur radio licence VK2BAX.