Radio operator
Dave Farnsworth WJ2O

Dave has been a licensed ham since 1970 has enjoyed a passion for DXing and CW Contesting. An experienced DXpeditioner he has traveled to and operated from over 40 different DXCC entities. They include being a member of the last group of hams on Navassa (KP1) in 1993 and joining KK6EK on Easter Island (XR0Y) in 1995 as well as Clipperton (TX5K) in 2013.

His list of operations are: 3DA0 (twice), 6W, 6Y5, 8P, C6A (twice), CE, CE0A, EI, ES, F, FJ, FM, FO8, FS, GI, GJ, GU, J3, J6, KH6, KP1, KP2, KP4, LU, LY, OX, P4, PJ2, PJ4, PZ, SP, TF, V2, V31, VE (Zones 1 & 2), VP2E (twice), VP5 (6 times), VP9, YL, ZF, ZP and ZS. He maintains details of each trip at

Since the age of 22, Dave has been a small business entrepreneur building a number of different enterprises. He currently operates a software and database development firm. He and his wife raised two daughters and enjoy four grandchildren.